• We are 5th Generation

    Outsourcing Company

    Being an outsourcing company, we specialize in a wide range of products and services which are
    tailored towards the client's needs. Our products and services are the best in the market.

  • Laundry Services &

    Cleaning Services

    We are here to make sure your clothes, house carpets, etc &
    homes are always clean

  • Norah-Kieushi

    Guest houses

    We provide rooms for you and your family at affordable prices,
    make your reservation now and enjoy the best of our hospitality.

  • Car hire


    We offer car hire services at good affordable prices
    with the cars of your choice

  • Tourism


    We partner with tourism companies
    to facilitate your travels and visits within Kenya

  • Natural

    Beauty Products

    Purchase our beauty products, and enjoy
    the upcoming results...

  • Software


    Want to hire mobile developers?
    5th generation is the place. We develop mobile apps & websites.

Who we are

Established in 2014, Fifth Generation outsourcing company recognized the opportunity for supplyng individual and organizational needs at their convenience. We combine the best breed processes, technology and a skilled workforce to create a world class customer experience. Fifth Generation Outsourcing Company Kenya Limited is a Telecommunication and Civil Engineering Company registered in Kenya as a body corporate with operations in Central Africa. We are established in many countries across Africa and invest capital in large scale projects in the various countries where we have a permanent representation and partnership.

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Our Mission & Vision

Offer world-class corporate connectivity and technology solution that enable our customers to depend on us, while delivering those services at competitive prices.

deliver very high uptime based, managed services, with strict compliances to Service Level Agreements, and ensure that its customers receive a 100% uptime and are able to provide 24/7 customer and technical support on all Infrastructure developed and delivered by 5th generation outsourcing.

  • create the most respected, dynamic& innovative global company
  • develop trust and loyalty with our customers by responding to their needs.
  • provide an enrinching enviroment of trust,cooperation & mutual respect for all stakeholders

Our main Features

Aim of Our Company

We offer world-class corporate connectivity and technology solution that enable our customers to depend on us. We also provide a wide spectrum of cutting edge services to ensure optimal customer experience.


We offer internship and mentorship program to students that help them play a valuable role for companies and provide an extra hand on projects, helping us complete them faster and more efficiently.

Digital marketing

At 5th Generation we have modules that will introduce you to Digital Marketing Methodology, an iterative framework that outlines the foundation tenets of Digital Marketing.

Experienced Consultants


Successfull Projects


Awards Winning


Satisfied Customers